Welcome to kii’s documentation!


kii is a side project I started for fun. It’s still in early developpment and should not be considered as production ready. The API may and will probably be subject to many changes before the first official release.

Kii (Keep It Integrated) is a web content management framework designed around the concept of stream. A stream can be seen as a classic social network wall were users can publish any type of content. The projects aims to provide the components needed for building and managing such streams and therefore can be seen as a foundation for more specific apps, like a blog engine, a code snippets collection or a bookmark management system.

End-users will love

  • Having a single place for everything
  • Clean, responsive, content-focused UI
  • Markdown support for content, including syntax highlighting
  • Built-in comments
  • Fine-grained permissions
  • Atom feeds

Developpers will love

  • focusing on writing features instead of boilerplate code

Sysadmins will love

  • Compatibility with most famous database engines
  • Painless installation and updates

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