Kii relies on different third-party components, which are listed below.


Programming language

Kii is written in Python, and should work under both Python 2 and 3. The test suite is run under Python 2.7 and 3.4. While Python’s standard library is used in many place, kii requires some additional packages:

  • Markdown, for well... Markdown syntax formatting
  • Six, for Python 2 and 3 compatibility


Kii runs on top of Django, the web framework for perfectionnists with deadlines. This choice has been made because, by nature, Django is very extensible, and many great django apps are useful in the scope of the project, such as:

  • Polymorphic, used for convenient inheritance of stream items behaviour, at a database level
  • Guardian, for per-object permissions
  • MPTT, for tags hierarchy
  • REST framework, for the REST API
  • Filter, for complex filtering of stream items via URL parameters


Testing is done via Nose and Tox.