Stream and items

Kii is written with the notion of stream in mind. It’s dead-simple: a stream belongs to a user, who can publish items in it. An item could be, for example, a blog entry, a picture, a link to a web page, or any type of content provided by third-party apps.

All items share a common behaviour:

  • they support comments
  • they get a unique permalink, which allow easy sharing over the web
  • they support fine-grained permission. You can mark each of them as public, restricted to a set of users or groups or even entirely private if you want to
  • they have a status, published or draft

Of course, this is just the common part. Derived content-types may offer additional behaviour, like syntax highlighting for code snippets.

Because of the common behaviour of items, kii offers various filtering options. While a stream index page will display every items, no matter what their type is, it’s also possible to display only a specific content type. The same rule applies for feeds: one could subscribe to your entire stream, or only to your snippets.


The project is released under the MIT license, which means you are free to download, modify, and distribute it.